Our company was founded in 1993 with the mission of manufacturing high quality personal care and household cleaning products at an affordable price. The center of our operations, our factory and warehouse, is located in Northeast-Hungary, in the village of Terpes.

Our products are sold through most supermarket chains and drugstores in Hungary, and we have established a brand presence in most countries and regions of East- Central- Europe. The selection ranges from a low-priced, economic line (Tis, Dello) to premium category (Lorin, Just, Lorilux), featuring each type of personal hygiene and cleaning products used within a household context. In addition to our popular in-house brands we also produce private label products for multinational retail companies, including Auchan and Spar. Our company is committed to creating products of value, which suit customer preferences and meet the most exacting safety and ethical standards, as well.

We devote significant marketing efforts to explore the demands of the consumer landscape, and adapt with maximum efficacy. As a result, we are continuously adjusting and expanding our product line to address customer needs on every level. The promotion of our products through regular advertising campaigns in various media outlets and giveaway programs increases the appeal and renown of our products among both existing and potential customers. By staying close to our customers and markets, we manage to stay relevant and competitive in an ever- changing retail industry.

Sustainability is at the center of our vision, we strive to foster respect for all elements of nature. Therefore, our company is one-hundred percent cruelty-free, no experimentation is performed on animals.

The well-being of our 84 employees is a top priority for us, their dedication and expertise are fundamental to the success of our company. We focus on providing safe and attractive working conditions to ensure the satisfaction of our employees and acknowledge their efforts. We believe that respect and understanding in communication and collaboration on all levels of production is essential to an effective and transparent business operation.

We are committed to strictly observing the standards of quality management and corporate activities. Our product innovation and manufacturing operations comply with the international laws and regulations regarding cosmetic and household care safety. By practicing a high level of ingredient transparency, applying strict safety measures and using only the finest, mainly natural, ingredients imported from France and Germany, we have managed to secure a loyal and satisfied customer base and long-lasting business partnerships.

Central to our vision is offering quality, efficiency and diversity in our line of products, thereby hoping to make the lives of families a little easier. Our goal is to deliver products which make cleaning and personal care a form of recreation at a price affordable for all.

Kind Regards,

Bela Csepcsanyi
Owner and CEO